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"Student achievement increases significantly when
teachers regularly assign homework and students conscientiously do it."

Homework is a major component and a vital part of the McCloskey Middle School program. It is proven that homework helps to improve student achievement in school because the total time spent studying influences how much is learned. Thus, homework - as an extension of the regular school day - should receive the same attention, consideration, and planning that is given to daily in-school classwork.

Purposes for Assigning Homework

• to provide drill and practice of skills introduced in class
• to complete unfinished classroom assignments
• to provide reading and writing for reinforcement and enjoyment
• to practice research skills in locating information
• to complete work on special class projects
• to accommodate various student learning styles 

Assignment of Homework

Uxbridge Public School guidelines for homework are outlined in School Committee Policy. This policy provides that “homework assignments should be consistent in terms of the amount given each day and the time required for each assignment so that a pattern of meaningful homework can be established by the teacher and/or the student. These patterns will be decided by the teacher/teams according to student needs. At times, teachers/teams may assign homework/projects that could extend over a weekend or vacation weeks.


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