MA DESE School District Review

  • This year, Uxbridge Public Schools has been chosen to participate in the district review process.  This review will be conducted by the Office of District Reviews and Monitoring (ODRM) at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  A team of 6-7 professional staff from the state will spend approximately 8 hours per day in Uxbridge for four days starting January 13, 2020.  Prior to their arrival, we will have submitted our own assessment of our district based upon the six standards and 21 indicators of effective school districts, as well as, dozens of requested core documents. 

    Though this is similar to the recent NEASC process that our high school has recently gone through, there is no final grade for the district.  Instead, it will provide us with objective feeback based on our school district's performance as measured by the standards.   Like every school district, we are well aware that we have areas in which to improve.  After much analysis, we recently developed a 3-year strategic plan to address the foundation behind those areas.  Though cumbersome and time consuming, we eagerly welcome this opportunity to gain an even deeper understanding of how we can better meet the needs of our students and families.  

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