• 8/31/22

    Welcome Back Everyone!

    We are coming into the 22-23 school year and want to make sure that your devices are protected! Please take a moment to make sure that you are signing up for the proper insurance.

    For iPads Grades 11 & 12 

    Please sign up for iPad insurance using Family ID https://www.familyid.com/organizations/uxbridge-public-schools

    For Chromebooks Grades 8, 9 and 10, we have partnered with Worth Ave again to offer our Uxbridge families insurance at the best price available. Coverage for 1 year is $31, 2 years $56, and 3 years for $75. Once you sign up, leave the rest to us! We will provide a loaner device during repairs, handle shipping & receiving, and follow up on emails with the vendor.  

    Included in the pdf attached, you will find the Chromebook coverage breakdown. We have found that families who utilized insurance last year saved a significant amount. Basically, 1 simple repair (keyboard, audio jack) on a non-insured device is the full cost of 1 year coverage with Worth Ave. Please be mindful that there are some exclusions due to intentional damage or extreme neglect, that can void your insurance policy.  

    We highly recommend taking advantage of this program!

    Sign up here - https://gpo.worthavegroup.com/gpo/uxbridgeps.

    The sign up deadline is October 1st of this year.

    Thank you

    Uxbridge Technology Team




    High School Summer Update:

    To the parents of all students at the High School (Grades 8-12):

    Your child will be able to keep and use their Uxbridge Public School issued Chromebook or iPad during the summer break. 

    Here are a few things to bear in mind:

    • Please re-read the Chromebook Agreement / iPad Agreement (attached) so that you are familiar with the limitations and requirements of having this device.
    • You will be responsible for the proper use and care of the device.
    • It remains the property of the Uxbridge Public Schools.
    • The device will need to be brought back for use in school in the fall when the new school year begins.

    Here are some quick tips for handling Devices:

    • Always keep the device in its case to properly protect it.
    • Handle it with care - avoid dropping it, handling it roughly, or anything that could cause damage to the screen. 
    • Avoid keeping it in extreme heat (e.g. a locked vehicle on a summer afternoon).
    • Keep it away from food or drinks or pets.
    • When charging the device, keep it in a safe place where neither the device nor the charger can be tripped over.
    • Never leave the device unattended in a public place.

    If the device is broken over the summer:

    In case of accidental damage, please email TechSupport@uxbridge.k12.ma.us to arrange for the device to be dropped off. We will fix or replace the device and will contact you by phone or email when the repair is complete. Device Insurance is in effect over the summer, so if you paid for insurance it will cover any accidental damage. New insurance sign-ups will be available in the fall.

    If you are transferring your child out of the District in the fall:

    You must return the Device to the Uxbridge Public Schools before you leave. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the replacement of the device.

    If your child is moving up to Uxbridge High School in the fall:

    They will bring their Chromebook with them for use at their new school.

    If you would prefer not to keep the Device over the summer: 

    Simply email TechSupport@uxbridge.k12.ma.us on or before the final day of school and we will collect the device from the classroom (Families with remote students will need to drop off their devices at the main office). Please be certain to include the case (if provided), the device and the charger.


    Thank you!


    Uxbridge Technology Team



    iPad Agreement 2021

    Chromebook Agreement 2021