• School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well being, academic success, and life long achievement of students. To that end, the school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy and learning. -National Association of School Nursing

      School Nurses monitor the health status, and identify and address unmet health needs of students. The School Health Unit of the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts in collaboration with the National Association of School Nurses, define services provided through the health office. Some of the services provided at Uxbridge High School are:

      Leadership for the provision of health services

      Assures that health needs are met for all students
      Individualized health care planning
      Case management for students with health care needs
      Student support team member 
      Wellness committee member
      Crisis team member
      Direct health care to students and staff
      Management of chronic conditions
      Injury, first aid, and prevention
      Illness assessment and treatment
      Medication administration
      Health counseling
      Health screenings and referral for health conditions
      Hearing and vision 
      Height, weight, and BMI measurements
      SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and referral to treatment)
      Healthy School Environment
      Management of school health records
      Physical examinations
      Communicable disease prevention and control
      Environmental health and safety
      Intercommunication between school community, students, parents, and health care providers
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