Uxbridge Earns Civics Teaching and Learning Grant

Uxbridge Earns Civics Teaching and Learning Grant

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Tiano is proud to announce that Uxbridge, in collaboration with Hopkinton, Ashland, and Mendon-Upton, has earned a Civics Teaching and Learning grant in the amount of $38,250. Programming through the grant will work to strengthen civics teaching and learning as part of the state’s renewed mission to prepare students, morally and intellectually, for the duties of citizenship and participation in a democratic society. The grant intends to expand access to educational opportunities in the Commonwealth.

“We have the opportunity to not only continue expanding and enhancing offerings for our students, but also to collaborate with some great colleagues across the region,” said Dr. Tiano.

As Uxbridge High School redesigned social studies curriculum frameworks in the past year, adopting new and revised outcomes, the grade 8 team of David Halacy and Brian Grady, along with department leader Hurley Silbor, led a complete revamp of the grade 8 curriculum, moving to a civics-based curriculum. Part of the course focuses on a yearlong civics and community engagement project that involves all grade 8 students and connects their work to an area of interest or need within the community. The school has also focused on shifting toward thematic elements of studying social studies and has partnered with other surrounding towns to implement different resources and analytic tools.

“In a short time, we have integrated a new grade to our school, piloted a completely new curriculum, and been able to share this journey with school districts around us,” said UHS Principal Michael Rubin. “I am grateful for the open minds and collaborative spirit of our educators, our colleagues in other districts, and our Commonwealth to help make an endeavor like this possible.”

Uxbridge joined with the other three school districts to build a shared vision for teaching civics and learning, and will likewise be partnering with a second cohort of schools from Medway, Millis, and Medfield, to continue designing and restructuring civics education, including the possibility of integrating another civics project for upperclassmen.

“This is exciting from the standpoint of curriculum and instruction,” said Dr. Tiano. “When we think of a number of our district goals, we particularly consider ways of enhancing excellence in teaching and learning and modeling our core values. We thank our teachers and administrators, and those from communities around us, for connecting, collaborating, and sharing with each other and inspiring all our students.”