School Committee - Looking for Volunteers for Charter Review Committee

Volunteers Needed

The Uxbridge School Committee will be appointing two members of the community to partake in the town’s Charter Review Committee.  From the Town Charter:

“The Board of Selectmen shall, at ten-year intervals in each year ending in a zero, appoint a special committee to be composed of nine members. Appointments to the committee shall be made as follows: the board of selectmen, school committee, and finance committee shall each designate two members, and the town moderator shall appoint three members. Persons appointed shall not be members of the boards or committees appointing them. 

This committee shall be established for the purpose of reviewing the town charter and to make a report at town meeting. Such report shall include any proposed amendments to the charter as the committee may determine to be necessary or desirable. 

The committee shall report to the annual town meeting in the year following its appointment.“

If you would like to be considered by the School Committee for this appointment or have any questions or concerns regarding this committee, please email Chair Jennifer Modica, at and include information on why you are interested in serving on this committee and any relevant experience you may possess. 

Appointments will be made at the March 4, 2020 meeting and you will be asked to attend the  meeting to give a brief statement about yourself.