UHS - DESE Grant Recipients to Enhance Opportunities

Uxbridge High School - DESE Grant Recipients to Enhance Opportunities

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Tiano is proud to announce that Uxbridge High School and its Innovation Pathway has been named a recipient of two grants from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, totaling nearly $40,000.

The first grant will enable UHS to build on its previous implementation of Innovation Pathways and plans for the implementation of a Pathway in Global Finance and Business Logistics, while the second will support virtual and hybrid learning during the pandemic, looking specifically at supporting the school’s neediest learners.

Already considered a leader in the state for its implementation of Innovation Pathways, UHS has existing pathways in Manufacturing, Biomedical Science, and Information Science and Media. The Global Finance and Logistics program intends to build on these program’s successes, while emphasizing key elements of business, entrepreneurship, and supply chain management, which includes the growing field of logistics. Should the final pathway be approved, UHS would have the first finance and logistics program in the Commonwealth. Logistics includes transportation, delivery, and the technical elements of manufacturing beyond production.

“We are proud of our school for constantly looking to find ways to make learning authentic,” said Dr. Tiano. “Should the new Pathway be approved, it promises to connect our students to areas of great interest with growing fields and the business community around us.”

The Virtual and Hybrid Learning Support grant will enable UHS staff to collaborate with students beyond the school day, particularly for those students who have struggled with learning during the pandemic or have difficulty accessing the school building due to other constraints, including medical reasons.

“One of the core values of our district is equity,” said Dr. Tiano. “Support like this acknowledges the very real challenges that some of our families face, and that some of our students have, in accessing school during the existential crisis of a generation. For us to provide equitable opportunities for those students is an opportunity on which we will capitalize.”

UHS will be enlisting professional staff, counselors, and support staff after hours and on weekends to meet with students, both in-person and virtually, as well as providing access to other online resources for students who may have specific needs.