UHS Earns Grant to Support Innovation Pathway Implementation

UHS Earns Grant to Support Innovation Pathway Implementation

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Commissioner of Education Jeffrey Riley recently announced that Uxbridge High School was among 18 programs statewide to earn implementation grant funding to support the recently designed Business, Finance, and Logistics Pathway at Uxbridge High School.

UHS had its most recent pathway approved earlier this year and now has four recognized student pathways. Students at UHS enroll in a year-long exploratory in grade 8 that introduces the students to each of the four pathways: engineering, media/information science, biomedical science, and business. Following the year-long exploratory, students can then elect a four-year pathway that results in post-secondary credit and industry-recognized credentials.

“Through the efforts of Principal Rubin and his team, UHS students have access to career exploration aligned with academic rigor, providing an exceptional opportunity for students to dabble within various vocations,” said Dr. Patrick Dillon, Superintendent of the Uxbridge Public Schools.

Launched in 2017, Innovation Pathways are designed to create strong partnerships with employers to expose students to career options and help them develop knowledge and skills related to a particular field before they graduate high school.

Innovation Pathways provide students in traditional high schools with career-oriented education that is too rarely available outside of vocational programs, according to Education Secretary James Peyser. These pathways prepare students for a variety of educational and career opportunities in a broad industry or sector.

Uxbridge High School will be using the funds to develop curriculum and provide teacher professional development for their business and finance program. Specifically, administrators will be evaluating how they can merge outcomes for business, finance, logistics, and entrepreneurship. 

 “As we continue to develop career pathways that merge student interest with the needs of our community, we are grateful for the support of the Commonwealth and the ability to access these resources to support our staff,” said UHS Principal Michael Rubin. “We will continue to move forward, which means keeping essential skills, industry-recognized credentials, and strong academics cohesively linked in every student’s experience.”

State Representative Michael Soter commented, “I’m proud of what the Uxbridge High School has accomplished under the leadership of Principal Michael Rubin. The UHS Innovation Pathways are top-notch. Teachers, administrators, parents, and external stakeholders are all working to ensure these programs succeed.”