Update from School Nurse

Hello UHS Families,


Welcome back to UHS we are excited to see our returning students and welcome our new 8th grade students! As we look ahead to the beginning of the school year I wanted to reach out and introduce myself to our new families as the school nurse at Uxbridge High School. I am looking forward to seeing many new faces as well as familiar faces. 


If your child has any changes in health status, health concerns, medical conditions, new allergies, or medications please contact me to discuss a plan of care. 


Medications: Whenever possible, every effort should be made for medications to be taken at home. If your child will require a daily or as needed medication during the school day please have your doctor fill out the attached medication order, we will also accept the doctor's own order form. Forms can be emailed to me or the doctor’s own form can be faxed to UHS. 

*As a reminder students should not be carrying any type of medications during the school day at UHS, with the exception of diabetic medications and supplies, epi-pens, and albuterol inhalers all with a doctor's order. 
*If you have medication that will need to be dropped off at the school prior to the first day please contact me to make arrangements as the procedure will be different this year.   


Please fill out our Annual Health Information Form for each student you have at UHS, fully remote and in-person (there will be a separate form for each school building, if you have students at other buildings you will receive those forms.)


Safety Protocols: Please click here to view the attached slide show to share with your household and students which includes information regarding COVID-19 symptoms, hand washing, mask use, social distancing, sick protocols and how to contact your school nurse. 









Personal care items: To reduce the frequency of healthy students visiting the nurse, it is highly recommended that personal care items be stored in students' backpacks for as needed use. Examples: Chapstick, wax for braces, dental floss, deodorant, hand cream, nail clippers, menstrual products, contact solution. 


New Vaccine requirements: Influenza (flu) vaccine for all UHS grade levels by December 31st and MenACWY (Meningococcal) vaccine for Grade 11 students, this is typically done at the 16 year physical. This applies to fully remote and in-person students. Documentation by your provider may be submitted via fax, email, or hard copy. Also, if you have a medical or religious exemption to either of these vaccines please submit documentation. 










Physical requirements: An updated physical is required for all grade 10 students. If students are registered for athletics a current physical is required every 13 months, please submit a physical if you have not already. 


If you have any questions or concerns now or during the school year please reach out. 


Tara Schiller, BSN, RN, CPN, NCSN

Uxbridge High School Nurse


Office Phone: 508-278-8633 x2102

UHS Fax: 508-278-8647