Weekly News and Notes, 9/25

 We have a few updates from UHS:

Fall Sports Night, 9/28

Fall Sports Night will take place "virtually" (Zoom) on Monday September 28th at 6:30pm. This event is mandatory for all students (and at least 1 parent/guardian) who is participating in Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf and Soccer. We will review athletic department policies and other important information, as well as provide an update on our new athletic department COVID-19 protocols. Following the AD presentation, students and their parents will meet with their individual coaches for their Pre-Season Team Meeting. All registered athletes and their parent/guardian will receive an email on Friday with both zoom links and instructions on how to access the meetings (AD presentation, individual team meeting). 

After School Access

A number of our students and student-athletes have been accessing the fields and track after school hours. When there, masks are required. Per the School Committee mask policy, masks are required to be worn at all times when on school grounds. We have had a number of situations this week with entire packs of students, engaged in physical activity, not wearing masks, and not practicing physical distancing. We have been patient, have reminded, and have redirected those individuals, and there has been the argument that "well, they've been together for a long time, and nothing has happened." While that may be true, we need everyone following guidelines to ensure that stays the case.

Senior Seminars

Senior seminars with guidance will begin next Wednesday as part of the advisory blocks in the morning. Seniors will get login information shared with them via email early next week.

Proper Online Etiquette

For the most part, our students have been very respectful during online class sessions. We all realize what a heavy lift the remote part of learning can be, and we are still in the very new stages of this model. We have had many successes as teachers have adapted to this model, and there are likewise some challenges emerging with respect to the technology, bandwidth at home, and ability to access some assignments.

Teachers' primary means of connecting with students will be through Google Classroom, for assignments, and Zoom, for streaming of lessons. As parents, there may be a temptation to communicate with staff as classes begin and end, but we have to remind everyone that, while the teacher may appear to be working in isolation, or be concluding a lesson, parents should not be interrupting lessons or attempting to communicate with teachers during class time. Even simple questions about student progress are not appropriate to be asked, as there are other students present, both online and in person.

Additionally, we realize that some classes may be running more smoothly than others are this point in the year. The challenge of revamping entire methods of schooling are very real, and we have been extremely grateful with everyone's patience, including the students. 

At the same time, we are finding the way the schedule is working, with the classes in person and then fully remote in the afternoon, has been fairly smooth and successful. We will be collecting some feedback from students in the coming days to help guide our future planning, and teachers will be using time each Wednesday to reflect on plans and use our results to guide future instruction and curricular adjustments.


Enjoy the weekend.