Week Ending 3/22



Though our Weekly News and Notes usually comprises updates, this week there are a couple of VERY important announcements.




For students in grades 8 and 10, MCAS will start this coming week, with the grade 10 ELA MCAS. We met with students this past week to discuss our test administration practices. Unlike years past, this year's MCAS will be administered online, using the students' iPads. All students, thus, are reminded to do this following:


1. Download the "Pearson Test Nav" app so they can participate in MCAS testing on iPads. We will provide time on Monday for this to happen.


2. Charge iPads each night and bring to school fully charged - and bring the charger to school just in case.


We are confident in the students' abilities to do well on the test, and we shared that they are required to do only one thing - their very best effort on the exams, for which they are prepared. Any questions can be directed to guidance or administration. We remind students that their attendance also is important on the days of the test.


Grade 10 will be testing this week, Tuesday-Thursday; grade 8 will be testing the following week. In March/April, only the English test is administered.


Week That Was


Our Week That Was video is posted here.

Course Selections


Our current high school students have completed most of the course selection at this point, and we will soon be making decisions on some classes for next year. Our hope is that most of our students will have met with counselors to finalize decisions this week. Again, questions can be directed directly to counselors.




Thank you,


Michael Rubin, Principal