Sheila Bernard named UHS Educator of the Year

Uxbridge High School Principal Michael Rubin is proud to announce that Sheila Bernard, a longtime English teacher, department leader, and advisor, has been named the 2023 Uxbridge High School Educator of the Year. 


“The years of the pandemic were so difficult for so many schools, particularly in sustaining and enhancing a connection between school and community and growing school pride and spirit,” said Mr. Rubin. “Through Ms. Bernard’s efforts, we have found ways to build on our school culture and maintain so many traditions and opportunities that other schools have struggled to rekindle. Ms. Bernard always keeps students and their experience first - it is one of the reasons why she is so very special.”


The Educator of the Year Award is presented annually at UHS to an educator or member of the faculty and staff who has demonstrated outstanding commitment, leadership, and dedication to the school. In presenting this award to Ms. Bernard, Mr. Rubin shared that this year, “it was fitting to honor someone who brings so much to the community and culture of both our school and community.”


In addition to being an English teacher at the school, Ms. Bernard is the advisor to the Student Council, which recently earned Gold Medals of Recognition at both the state and national level. She also serves on the School Council and the Hall of Fame Committee. She previously served as a field hockey coach in Uxbridge, and she currently also serves the school as the Department Leader for the English department. She is the first UHS educator to earn the Educator of the Year award who is an alumnus of the school.