Week Ending 5/31

Some updates from UHS:


Senior Parade and Awards


It was so much fun to make our way across all three buildings today with our Class of 2019! The energy from the schools and building staff and students was palpable, and the emotions were running very high - lots of tears, hugs, and smiles.

We look forward to posting some pictures and videos from the day in the coming days and weeks. We also plan on posting the full list of the scholarship and medal recipients in the near future.


Freshman MCAS

Grade 9 MCAS will be next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The grade 9 students will be taking the test in the morning, and it is a traditional paper-and-pencil test, not on the computer. Students should arrive ready to go in the morning! They are permitted to bring a scientific or graphing calculator and pencil.


Educator of the Year

On Thursday, we presented our annual Educator of the Year Award to Mike Smutok. A video of the presentation is linked here:



Science Showcase 


            UHS Chemistry Classes would like to  invite you all to the

1st Annual End of the Year UHS Science Showcase

Wednesday June 5th from 6- 7 pm

UHS Cafeteria


The students in Ms. Larkin’s Chemistry Classes have been working on individual end of the year PBL/research projects to showcase their excitement for the sciences in different subject areas of their choosing.  The students were asked to choose a topic that:

excited them, that they were interested in possibly pursing outside of high school, that  they may have personal experience dealing with, or one that they simply wanted to learn more about.


PBL helps students develop competencies that will serve them throughout future academic and professional lives. These lifelong competencies include the ability to (Engel, 1991):

  • Adapt to and participate in change.
  • Deal with problems and make reasoned decisions in unfamiliar situations.
  • Reason critically and creatively.
  • Adopt a more universal or holistic approach.
  • Practice empathy, and appreciate others’ perspectives.
  • Collaborate productively in groups or teams.
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and undertake appropriate remediation (self directed learning and metacognitive skills).


It has been an exciting 2 weeks watching these students learn through process, struggle with independent learning experiences and persevere through their obstacles.

Please join us Wednesday evening June 5th to celebrate your Uxbridge High School students and their pursuit of excellence in the STEM fields.  


We look forward to celebrating our graduation on Sunday at 2:00, and we will be sharing some photos and video of the event in the coming weeks.