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Welcome to the Whitin Intermediate School music program! Music classes at Whitin address the fine arts standards through a sequential, comprehensive music program focused on general, vocal, and instrumental music. We have some exciting changes for 2019-2020!

Spoiler alert: Fifth grade students who want to be in chorus and band can now do both!


Incoming Fourth and Fifth Grade General Music Classes                Ms.D’Andrea/Mr. Kosiba

All students in fourth and fifth grade are scheduled in General Music. Students will develop audiation skills, and a deeper understanding of music as an art form. Classes involve moving, singing, and playing instruments. Participation is a key component for student success. Students who are not in band bring their recorder, a simple folder and a pencil to music class. Band students bring their instrument, Practical Principles method book, and pencil, to music class.


Incoming Fifth Grade Band Program                                                                  Ms. D’Andrea

Band at the fifth-grade level offers a basic introduction to wind and percussion instruments. Although optional, learning an instrument adds rich dimensions to a child’s musical experience. A playable instrument, and method book are all your child needs to get started!  Instrumental students meet together in band once a week.


If you have not signed your child up for an instrument, and decide you want to do so, please contact me gdandrea@uxbridge.k12.ma.us, and/or check out Instrument Night. Our vendor will be available to answer your questions, and quality instruments will be available for rental.


*Instrument Night:  Tuesday, September 3, (first day of school)    6 PM   Whitin Cafeteria*

 Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bell Kit / Practical Principles Instrument Method Book (required)    Music Stand(advised)


Incoming Fifth Grade Band/General Music Class                             Ms. D’Andrea/Mr. Kosiba

Fifth grade band students have their instrument lesson classes during general music time. Instead of recorder and folder, band students will bring instruments and method books to general music class each week, along with a pencil. Instrument lessons are held during these general music classes, not during recess.


Incoming Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus                                                            Ms. D’Andrea

Singing in a group can be a powerful and joyous experience. This optional exploratory is held once weekly in addition to band and other specials classes. Performances are held during school hours, generally twice per year. Please note that although fourth and fifth grade choruses rehearse at different times, performances may feature combined choruses.


Incoming Sixth and Seventh Grade General Music                                             Ms. D’Andrea

At this level, students further develop audiation skills, and their exposure to various musical genres is increased. To understand music as an expressive and powerful art form, we explore musical elements through interesting activities. Singing and vocal audiation activities are engaging and fun. Class instruments include bucket drums, class piano, and ukulele. A google slides project will be assigned. Class participation is key to success.


Incoming Sixth Grade Band                                                                                        Mr. Kosiba

In grade 6, we continue our instrumental music making journey. With expanding instrumentation, literature, and musical concepts we add a rich new dimension to the product of our hard work. Students will be required to supply the necessary expendables pertaining to their instruments. This includes, reeds for woodwinds, valve/ slide oil for brass instruments, as well as sticks/ mallets for percussion instruments. During the first few weeks we will be reviewing material from last year’s method book. However, by the start of the third week of school, all 6th grade band students should have their own copy of “Standards of Excellence” Book 2 for their respective instrument. To do so, you may order a copy from Rick’s Music.


Incoming Seventh Grade Band                                                                                   Mr. Kosiba

As our instrumental music making journey progresses; once again more opportunities will arise. We will be using “Standards of Excellence” book 3. Please obtain a copy no later than the start of the 3rd week of school. To do so, you may order a copy from Rick’s Music. In addition to a regimented study of the mechanics of music and our individual instruments, we will also expand our exploration into popular concert band literature. We look forward to also expanding our performance opportunities throughout the year, in both a full band setting, as well as ensemble settings.


Incoming Sixth/ Seventh Grade Choral Groups                                                      Mr. Kosiba

As we continue to harness the musical power of our ever-changing voice, we will also explore music literacy, theory, rhythm, sight singing, and ear training. We will use our developing concepts to learn and perform popular and traditional choral literature. In addition, we may also explore accompanying ourselves on a variety of instruments. Beginning in 6th and most prominently through 7th grade, students will be encouraged to take direction of the group. As I guide your vocal journey, opportunities to sing music chosen by the group will abound.