UHS Student to Have Artwork Displayed

UHS Student to have artwork displayed

Uxbridge High School Principal Michael Rubin is proud to announce that the artwork of Gage Nichols, a UHS sophomore, will be displayed as part of a state-wide project at the Springfield Armory.

“Creativity and persistence are just two of the traits that we hope to see in all of our students,” Mr. Rubin said. “We continue to be impressed and amazed by the work of our art students, and I am proud of Gage and Ms. Struppa’s efforts in finding ways to connect our art classes to a broader audience and purpose.”

121 students from six Massachusetts schools interpreted the theme: A Global Connection to create original artwork panels focusing on inventions that changed our lives and the lives of those before us, such as, the first laptop in 1982, the first cloned sheep in 1996, and the first jar of mayonnaise in 1756. Students worked with the premise that as a research and development facility, not only for military arms, but for the techniques required to manufacture them, Springfield Armory was part of a global network. Ideas from other countries were investigated and modified in Armory manufacturing techniques and designs, not just for firearms, but for many everyday items as well.   

Gage’s work, completed under the direction of UHS Art Teacher Lisa Struppa, was entitled, “Assembly Line: Parts That Make a Whole.” His art, completed using printmaking media, included Softkut block, carving tools, and printing ink, and helped showcase how the Springfield Armory building used assembly lines to produce many products and specifically show how many parts contribute to the whole.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site is proud to partner with the International Fiber Collaborative and local schools to exhibit student artwork. The collaboration produced a new temporary exhibit, A Global Connection, on display at the museum through June 13, 2022. 

About the International Fiber Collaborative: The International Fiber Collaborative (IFC), founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3), develops community programs that create collaborative opportunities in art and civic engagement linking learning and creativity in the arts to science, math, engineering, and the humanities. During the 2018-2019 school year 9,645 students from 354 schools participated in 20 exhibits at national park sites. All artwork can be seen on the IFC website.  

About Springfield Armory: Springfield Armory National Historic Site is the location of the nation’s first armory (1794 – 1968) and was established by George Washington. The Museum is open Wednesday-Sunday, 9:30am-4:00pm. For further information call (413) 734-8551, check the website at www.nps.gov/spar or www.facebook.com/sparnhs. Download the NPS App for the latest information at your fingertips.