Mission Statement

  • The Whitin School is committed to working in partnership with parents to provide a high quality, developmentally responsive curriculum and experientially-based programs which are respectful of the diverse characteristics and needs of pre and early adolescent children. Our mission is to help students become good citizens, healthy, caring, ethical, physically active, and intellectually reflective individuals who believe that life is enriched by learning.

    The Whitin School believes that developmentally responsive intermediate level schools are characterized by:
    • Educators committed to young adolescents
    • A shared vision
    • High expectations for all
    • An adult advocate for every student
    • Family and community partnerships
    • A positive school climate

    Therefore, it is the mission of the Whitin School to provide:
    • Curriculum that is challenging, integrative, and exploratory
    • Varied teaching and learning approaches
    • Assessment and evaluation that promote learning
    • Flexible organizational structures
    • Programs and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety
    • Comprehensive guidance and support services

    Adapted from National Middle School Association. (1995). This We Believe: Developmentally Responsive Middle Level Schools. Columbus, Ohio.