Fingerprinting and CORI Information

  • Please note: this page will be continue to be updated. 


    It is the policy of the school district that, as required by law, a state and national fingerprint criminal background check will be conducted to determine the suitability of full or part-time current and prospective school employees who may have contact with children. School employees shall include, but not be limited to, any apprentice, intern, or student teacher, or individuals in similar positions, who may have contact with children. The School Committee shall only obtain a fingerprint background check for current and prospective employees for whom the School Committee has direct hiring authority. In the case of an individual directly hired by a school committee, the chair of the School Committee shall review the results of the national criminal history check. The Superintendent shall also obtain a state and national fingerprint background check for any individual who regularly provides school-related transportation to children. The School Committee, Superintendent, or Principal, as appropriate, may obtain a state and national fingerprint criminal background check for any volunteer, subcontractor, or laborer commissioned by the School Committee, school, or employed by the city or town to perform work on school grounds, who may have contact with children. School volunteers and subcontractors/laborers who may have contact with children must continue to submit state CORI checks. (This policy was updated and voted by the School Committee on February 6, 2024). 

    The Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services (SAFIS) Morpho Trust USA IndentGo registration website is available for potential volunteers to schedule fingerprinting appointments. All potential volunteers must schedule an appointment (this is not a walk-in service) and fingerprint results must be received in the Superintendent's office prior to volunteering. 

    Please note the following:

    Results of State and National fingerprint-based criminal record checks are generally available within 72 hours. However, there will be situations in which results will not be available for a longer period of time. For example, there are instances where fingerprints submitted will not be accepted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) due to a quality issue. Some factors which may impact the ability to capture a high quality fingerprint include age, health and occupation. When this occurs, the FBI requires the State to submit a second set of fingerprints. If the first submission is rejected by the FBI, IdentoGO will contact the applicant to schedule a retake appointment within ten (10) days of the original fingerprint appointment. If the second submission is also rejected by the FBI, the Massachusetts State Police is authorized to request the FBI to conduct a name based search. Per the FBI, a name based search can take up to thirty (30) days to process. 

    When you register for an appointment, you will need to provide a Provider Identification Number. Please use this number: 03040000. (Your fingerprint report will be sent directly to the Superintendent's office). The district strongly advises you to keep the receipt from Indentogo, (this receipt is given to you at your appointment). This receipt will help you and the district locate your fingerprint results from Indentogo if, for some reason, we don't receive them in a timely manner. 

     Click on the link below to register for an appointment with DESE's fingerprint vendor, IndentGO.


    All staff members, substitutes, student teachers, coaches, and subcontractors who are employed by the Uxbridge Public Schools must have a current CORI application on file at the Central Office. According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, Section 38R, “Such school committee, superintendent or principal shall periodically, but not less than 3 years, obtain all available criminal offender record information from the criminal history systems board on all such employees and volunteers during their term of employment or volunteer service.”

    For parents/guardians who volunteer in their child’s classroom, chaperone a field trip, or volunteer for school events, a CORI authorization is required prior to the volunteer/chaperone being in the classroom or at the event.  You can obtain a CORI application in each school’s main office, the Superintendent’s office, or the link below. All CORI applications must be signed by you and witnessed by a building secretary and/or administrator and you must provide a photographic identification. DO NOT SIGN THE CORI APPLICATION until you bring it to the schools main office and a copy of your identification has been made.