Mission and Vision

  • The mission of the Uxbridge Public Schools is to engage its students in a learning environment that prepares them for a rapidly changing world and to develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to become responsible, contributing members of society. With the information age upon us, and the inclusion of technology into all areas of life, technology integration throughout the curriculum is necessary to fulfill our goals.

    Our vision is for every student and staff member to develop the skills that allow them to use technology to access, analyze, create meaning, and communicate with information. 

Technology is used in the following manner throughout the district:

  • Focus on student achievement

    Mastery of technical competency skills, students use technology to develop critical thinking, information literacy, and communication skills

    Provide ongoing, sustained professional development for teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel to further the use of technology

    Provide access to technology that is appropriate for student individual learning needs

    Increase communication with parents and to increase parental involvement

    Enhance communication amongst all staff

    Gathering and analyzing data for assessment of student achievement, curriculum, instruction, and programs and for designing and implementing assessments of student learning

Technology Staff