Chromebook Cleanliness

    Teachers, please strongly encourage your students to keep their Chromebooks clean. Parents, please strongly encourage your children to keep their Chromebooks clean. We've all heard the stories (and sometimes seen this firsthand when everyone was remote) of students eating sandwiches or cereal or other snacks over their Chromebooks while working on assignments or watching videos.

    Be assured, this does happen - the Technology Team sees it all too often. Every Chromebook that passes through our hands (either for repair or summer inventory) is cleaned, disinfected and fully tested. Sticky, or non-functioning keys are a frequent source of support tickets and in some cases involve crumbs, jelly and/or liquid residue on or under the keys.

    If a Chromebook fails as a result of food wedged into it or a drink spilled on it, the damage falls under the category of neglect or intentional damage and is not covered even if insurance was purchased for it. Parents are responsible for the cost of that repair and it makes for an uncomfortable conversation for all parties involved.

    So the next time you happen to see a Chromebook looking a little less than clean, please remind your student or your child that they are responsible for keeping food and drink away from the Chromebook and that they should wash their hands after eating and before using it. The Technology Team truly thanks you.

    Posted 03-02-22