No Password Sharing

    It may seem innocuous enough - someone needs a document and you aren't near your email, or maybe someone is covering for you and needs access to important files you normally use for the day on your Drive and it is quick and easy to have them just sign in as you. Do not do it!

    As soon as you do, it opens your computer, your network and your personal information to a significant security risk. The person you are giving the information may be entirely trustworthy, but is the network they are on secure? If sending the password info by text or email, is their phone/computer/tablet secure? Are they jotting it down on a sticky note that someone may find later? There is no way to know with absolute certainty, so why open yourself up to that level of risk?

    If someone doesn't have a password or an account for a website or software that they need to do their work, have them set up their own account instead! There is an on-boarding process followed in most workplaces for a reason. If they are missing critical access, they can put in a Tech Support Ticket to get squared away - not just for this time, but for the future as well.

    To reiterate: Never Share Passwords!

    And yes, the UPS Tech Team is very security conscious, which is why you'll see certain articles updated in this section with some frequency. Help us help you!

    Posted 02-08-22