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    We believe that technology tools when used appropriately can provide deeper conceptual knowledge and new ways of acquiring valuable skills. By incorporating technology into the classroom regularly and when appropriate to learning, we can better ensure students develop the skills necessary to be powerful and responsible users of the digital world we live in.

    We are excited to provide a dramatically different level of access to technology in classrooms. The devices can be incorporated into lessons with greater ease, and used spontaneously when lessons take an unexpected turn where technology could provide an added lens on learning.

  • Chromebook Insurance

    The Uxbridge Public Schools has partnered with the Worth Ave. Group to provide optional insurance to protect the Chromebooks used by the school’s students. Families will have the option to purchase during a limited enrollment period each year. Only new students enrolling after this insurance window will have the option to purchase outside of this window - per direction of Worth Ave. Families that opt to not purchase the Chromebook insurance plan will be financially responsible for all damages or loss up to the full replacement cost of their student’s Chromebook.

    Chromebook Insurance Cost: 

    Click here to sign up for our Chromebook Insurance!  https://gpo.worthavegroup.com/gpo/uxbridgeps

    *Please note you can select a 3 year term.  After the 3 year term if your child will still be a student in the district, you will need to select a new term to ensure continued coverage.

    * We will be providing cases for every Chromebook

    $31 for a 1 year term

    $56 for a 2 year term

    $75 for a 3 year term

    Insurance Coverage Breakdown

    Insurance with Worth Ave. Group will protect the Chromebook against:

    • Accidental damage (drops/spills)
    • Cracked Screen
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Fire, Flood and Natural Disaster
    • Liquid Submersion
    • Power surge due to lightning strikes

    Cost Breakdown for opting out of insurance

    • Full Chromebook Replacement ....$250    
    • Cracked Screen .............................  $72                  
    • Keyboard or Trackpad ................... $32
    • Liquid Spills / Damage ..................  $50 - $250
    • Power Adapter Replacement .........$20
    • Protective Case Replacement ........$25

    Newly registering students looking for Chromebook insurance:

    Please email techsupport@uxbridge.k12.ma.us 


    *For students who haven't already enrolled, the insurance deadline is Oct 1st, 2021. 


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