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    We believe that technology tools when used appropriately can provide deeper conceptual knowledge and new ways of acquiring valuable skills. By incorporating technology into the classroom regularly and when appropriate to learning, we can better ensure students develop the skills necessary to be powerful and responsible users of the digital world we live in.

    We are excited to provide a dramatically different level of access to technology in classrooms. The devices can be incorporated into lessons with greater ease, and used spontaneously when lessons take an unexpected turn where technology could provide an added lens on learning.

  • Chromebook information:

    Uxbridge Public Schools proudly supports a one-to-one technology initiative with Acer Chromebooks, beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Due to availability restrictions caused by the demands of COVID-19, the district Chromebook fleet currently includes an assortment of devices from HP and Dell. The district will continue to support and issue these devices until they reach the end of life, but moving forward, students will receive an Acer education model when it comes time to receive a new device.  



Chromebook Information