Here are the answers to a few common questions we get now and again regarding battery life and charging:

    Q: Can I leave my device (ChromeBook, MacBook, iPad, SmartPhone) on the charger overnight, or will it overcharge the battery?

    A: Newer devices come with lithium-ion batteries and are safe to leave on the charger overnight. Many have built-in battery life management features to help you get the most out of your battery. No, it will not overcharge the battery. Once the battery hits 100%, charging will stop. Leaving them plugged in overnight ensures you will have a full charge ready for the next day.

    Q: Should I let my battery go to zero before recharging?

    A: No. Fully discharging batteries can wear out a lithium-ion battery's lifespan faster. Be certain to charge the battery before it reaches zero. Most devices will warn you when they are getting low.

    Q: Does my battery develop a "memory" for the amount of charge it can have?

    A: No. Lithium-Ion batteries slowly decrease in capacity over their lifespan. The charge "memory" used to be a problem with nickel-cadmium batteries before lithium-ion batteries were fully implemented.

    Q: Can devices overheat?

    A: Rarely. Often they will get very warm. If they get exceedingly hot (too hot to hold), it is possible that a component is defective. You should remove it from charging and have it examined.

    Q: Should I keep Low-Power Mode on all the time on my Apple device?

    A: No. It does nothing to extend your battery lifespan and reduces the amount of background tasks being performed, likely decreasing productivity. However, it is a good, temporary way to minimize the power you use when your battery is low.

    Posted 04-11-22