Pets and Laptops

    During the winter months, mornings and evenings are especially chilly. What is not chilly is a nice, warm Chromebook or MacBook, perfect for pets to curl up next to (or on top of). Great for pets, not so great for the laptop. Pet dander and fur can get into the keyboard and be sucked into the cooling fans of the computer, causing issues in both places.

    Aside from the dander and fur, there can also be cable issues either with the power cord or with any headsets plugged in. Excited pets can get tangled in headphone cables and yank them out (or drag the laptop with them). Teething or hungry pets can chew on power cords, damaging chargers and potentially shocking themselves.

    Note that we are not discriminating against cats and dogs, they just happen to be the most common culprits. Rodents such as hamsters and gerbils and reptiles like iguanas and pythons, should likewise be kept away from computers. You should even keep an eye on the goldfish in a bowl - it is the quiet ones to watch out for.

    The lesson to be learned here is this: Please keep your computer (including any cables or cords) safely away from pets. Keep it in a secure location when it is not in use or unattended, such as in a room where you can close the door to keep pets out. Please encourage your students to do likewise. Dust, dander, fur, scales and liquids are all the enemies of properly maintained computer equipment.

    Posted 02-14-22