Chromebook keyboard - damaged

    One frequent source of support requests has to do with the keys and keyboards on Chromebooks not working as expected. Sometimes the keys don't pop back out after being pressed and at other times they either do not register the keystroke or generate a different character than they should. There are a variety of potential problems that can arise and a similar variety of solutions.

    Often, popping off a keycap and cleaning the area and contact beneath it is enough to solve the issue. Sometimes it is software related and restarting or reloading the Chromebook is enough to fix things. Infrequently, the ribbon cable connecting the motherboard either gets crimped or needs cleaning. If the above doesn't resolve the issue, keyboards can always just be replaced.

    The Tech Team would like to request your assistance in mitigating the wear and tear on Chromebook keyboards. All too often, we see students really jamming keys down hard. This can be out of habit, out of frustration while they wait for something to load, or just to hear the loud clack of the key as it is hammered down. We gently remind them to treat computers with respect and show them that very little pressure is required to get the keys to respond. We'd like to ask that you do the same as opportunities present themselves.

    According to, a good typing form entails having feet flat on the floor, maintaining good posture and having your wrists parallel or slightly above the keyboard with your fingers resting on the keys. Granted, this can be a tall order for many students, but if we focus on the last part with wrists parallel to the keyboard and fingers resting on the keys, it should significantly lessen the force used on the keys when typing.

    Posted 06-08-22