Device Care Over Winter Break

    As the Winter Break starts at the end of this week, it is good time to go over some Chromebook, MacBook and iPad home basics. It may seem like common sense, but it is still worthwhile to be reminded about them if devices are being brought home over the break.

    • Keep them in their protective case (if they have one) at all times.
    • Avoid leaving them unattended when in public or in an unlocked vehicle.
    • Please keep them away from any food or drink (or other liquids).
    • Avoid temperature extremes - don't place them on or too close to heaters and don't leave them where they might freeze (for example, in a vehicle overnight if it is below freezing outside).
    • Keep the devices away from pets and pet hair.
    • Keep the chargers and cables away from where pets can chew on them.
    • Carry them carefully and close the lid (for Chromebooks and MacBooks) when moving them to minimize risk.
    • Make sure power adaptors and cables are tucked away from where they can be tripped over or get shut in doors or cabinets.
    • If using headphones, please be mindful when moving too far from the device - audio ports can be damaged when the cord is pulled out suddenly.

    Posted 02-14-22