Winter Surge Protection

    When surge protection is mentioned, it is often associated with thunderstorms. Winter storms actually can have a similar impact. Snow, ice and high winds can cause power to drop and come back on sometimes repeatedly over a short period of time. There can also be an issue with generators kicking in and having enough power to handle the essentials of a house but not having the extra capacity to manage the required current for devices and laptops. Lastly, space heaters can be a problem for any electronics plugged into the same outlet as they turn on and off frequently and draw a fair bit of power.

    Power strips/surge protectors are part of the standard setup for desktop computers as they are stationary and you often need extra outlets. Laptops and other mobile devices are sometimes plugged in simply where there is a free outlet. We strongly recommend only plugging electronic devices into outlets with surge protectors, regardless of where you are. Be aware of anything else plugged into that same outlet. Avoid outlets where other high demand items are also plugged in (space heaters, toaster ovens, microwaves, etc.). Also, avoid power strips plugged into other power strips - that is just an accident waiting to happen.

    There are plenty of unexpected hazards that could damage your electronic devices during the winter - power surges shouldn't be one of them.

    Posted 02-14-22