Snail WiFi

    A How-To for this was originally created to help teachers, parents and students during the pandemic remote learning, but it does bear revisiting. The updated How-To PDF is attached at the end of this article. The highlights are presented here. Optimizing your home internet speed is always a good idea, especially as the number of devices on home networks continues to increase as do the number of streaming services.

    1. Place your modem and router in a central room, in a raised location with good airflow and away from large signal blockers like metal cabinets or aquariums. Adjust router antennas to the widest angle. Keep room doors open if possible.
    2. Connect fixed devices frequently used for streaming to the router with cables instead of using WiFi.
    3. Use your smartphone or tablet to identify dead spots and avoid using high-bandwith devices in those locations. Also note that your WiFi likely extends outside for a fair distance so in addition to dead spots, you could find great spots to relax in the summer and still be connected.
    4. Reboot your modem and router every now and again.
    5. Test your internet speed to make sure you are getting what you should be. ( or
    6. Update your equipment every 3-5 years as needed. The technology continues to improve and higher speeds are becoming more readily available.
    7. If you are getting the speed you should be and you are slow as a result of too many high bandwidth/streaming devices, it is probably time to upgrade to a higher speed internet package or subscription if possible.

    Time goes by too fast for slow internet!

    How-To Resolve Slow Internet PDF

    Posted 03-17-22