Animated Chargers

    Misplaced? Missing? Damaged? Defective?

    Chromebook and Macbook Chargers are easy to misplace, especially if you are using your laptop computer in multiple locations (work, home, etc.). Unattended chargers can sometimes go missing when they are picked up by someone else, either mistakenly thinking that it is their charger, or just simply cleaning up an area and moving the charger to a more secure/less visible spot. The most common damage we see to chargers comes from pets chewing on them as well as the connector (mostly USB-C) being crushed or bent from being caught under a chair or other heavy piece of furniture. Defective chargers, thankfully, tend to be rare.

    Please keep careful track of your charger and urge your students/children to do the same. The person the MacBook or Chromebook has been issued to is responsible for replacement of that charger should it be lost or damaged and chargers can be a bit expensive. Original manufacturer (not generic 3rd party) replacement Chromebook chargers run between $40-$60, while original Apple Macbook chargers run $70-$80 (plus extra for the cable).

    Note: If the Insurance Plan was purchased for a student's school-issued Chromebook, the charger for that Chromebook is covered against defect and damage (except from negligence or intentional damage).

    Posted 03-31-22