Chromebook On Screen Keyboard

    Chromebooks have another interesting feature, which can be particularly handy if the physical keys on the keyboard are not working well. It is called the On-Screen Keyboard and can be found under the Accessibility Menu (available even before a student signs in). Simply click the Time to open the Quick Settings Panelclick the Accessibility Menu Icon, and then enable the On-Screen Keyboard (you may need to scroll down the list slightly to see it). Once enabled, it appears as a small keyboard icon in the lower right of the screen and can be clicked on or off.

    It simply allows students to be able to click the letters using the touchpad/mouse instead of having to use the keyboard. If you are having a student use a touchpad/mouse-driven program, this is a temporary workaround to enable them to log in to Google/Clever and keep working even if their keys are not functioning well. As usual, please contact Technical Support in the case of a keyboard in need of repair - but this keeps the student's down-time to a minimum in the meantime.

    Posted 05-16-22