Chromebook Magnified Screen

    Another built-in feature of Chromebooks is the ability to magnify the screen. This can be very helpful for tiny text, but it can also be very frustrating, especially if your child (or your student) accidentally enables it themselves and they are unable to turn it off. We see it come up as a support ticket every few months.

    The Full-Screen Magnifier is located under the Accessibility Dropdown in the Quick Settings Panel. It can be particularly difficult to open up when the screen is greatly magnified as the touchpad cursor makes the screen move rapidly in the direction opposite what you might expect. There is a much easier way to disable this, however.

    Use the Keyboard Shortcut of CTRLSEARCH and (press all at the same time). This will disable it directly. Press them again to re-enable it if needed. The SEARCH Key is the one with the Magnifying Glass symbol on it directly above the Shift Key on the left.

    A quicker, easier way to increase and decrease magnification on a Chromebook is simply to use CTRLSHIFT and + (plus) for increasing and CTRLSHIFT and - (minus) for decreasing.

    Posted 05-09-22