UHS to join CAPS Network

Uxbridge High School to join CAPS Network

Continuing with its commitment to innovative high school programs and ensuring that students are prepared for a variety of post-secondary options, Uxbridge High School will be the first New England school in the nationally-recognized CAPS Network.

“Uxbridge continues to find new ways to push boundaries and find innovative ways to support our students and community,” said Dr. Frank Tiano, Superintendent of Schools. “Our conversations with other leaders in the CAPS network validate the work we are doing, and we are excited for what this collaboration will mean for our schools, community, and region.”

Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) programs are nationally recognized, innovative high school programs. Students fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real world problems, using industry standard tools and are mentored by actual employers, all while receiving high school and college credit. CAPS is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.

“We are excited to welcome Uxbridge High School and Uxbridge School District to the CAPS Network,” said Corey Mohn, the Executive Director of CAPS. “We are selective of our program partners based on their approach to profession-based learning and vision for empowering students and the surrounding community. It is clear that Uxbridge will be a fabulous partner, helping all of our affiliates to continue to grow and add value for students, teachers and administrators.”

According to Dr. Tiano, Uxbridge has been in communication for several months with the leadership of CAPS network and programs, working collaboratively to identify shared strategies for career and applied learning, including the integration of technical and essential skills. This work has been occurring concurrent to UHS’ Innovation Pathway work and planned curricular adaptations that have been facilitated at all schools in Uxbridge. The five core values of CAPS programs mirror the standards embedded into UHS’ Innovation Pathway programs as defined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: profession-based learning, responsiveness, self-discovery and exploration, professional skills development, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

“We are constantly encouraging our students, educators, and industry partners to merge expectations and find ways to challenge each other, to persevere, and to create new metrics for teaching and learning,” said UHS Principal Michael Rubin. “The work of CAPS Network programs will only strengthen and enhance our outcomes for students. We look forward to learning with some of the very best from around the nation.” 

The CAPS Network is comprised of 58 programs across 114 districts, 17 states, and two countries, and who collaborate, inspire, and educate students through a variety of means, including applied learning, research, career education, and project-based learning. Some of the partners for the Network include Northeastern University, Garmin, Accenture, the CPS Foundation, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, Gallup, the University of Nebraska Raikes School, and the Torrey Project, among others. In addition, CAPS Network programs have letters of endorsement from colleges and universities have recognized that CAPS graduates demonstrate the knowledge and competencies needed to succeed in post-secondary settings and to advance in career pathways as lifelong learners and contributing citizens; those colleges and universities include: