• The Uxbridge Public Schools received this letter from Russell D. Johnston, PhD, Senior Associate Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    Dear Families & Guardians,

    During this period of extended school closure, we recognize this is a diffcult time for families, guardians, and caregivers. We understand that  one of your concerns is how your children with disabilities will continue to receive support and services from schools while they are closed due to the public health emergency related to COVID-19. During this unprecented time, we appreciate that families and educators will work together to provide the best possible access to special education instruction and services. 

     Please click to view entire correspondence from Dr. Johnston. 

     In addition, Dr. Johnston has provided to you a Family Resource Toolbox for Families with Children with Disabilities. 




  • Posted: May 27, 2020

    Below is a letter regarding Special Education Extended School Year services, from the Interim Director, Margo Austein and Incoming Director, Jennifer Ramsdell. 




  • Pupil Services comprises a variety of student support programs focused on success for all students. Helping students make a good adjustment to school life, bringing families and schools together, and supporting students with special needs is our focus. Pupil Services includes:

    • special education
    • school psychology
    • counseling services
    • occupational therapy
    • physical therapy
    • speech and language therapy
    • preschool education
    • nondiscrimination and equity
    • homeless education
    • 504 accommodation plans

Our Office

    Margo Austein                     
    Interim Director of Pupil Services           

    Valerie Nowlan
    Valerie Nowlan                                               
    Administrative Assistant

    Office Location:
    9 N. Main Street

    Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM  (M-F)

    Phone: (508) 278-8648 x112

    Fax: (508) 278-8654

  • Central Office
  • District Wide
  • Taft Early Learning Center
  • Taft Early Learning Center/Whitin Intermediate
  • Uxbridge High School
  • Whitin Intermediate School
  • Whitin Intermediate/Uxbridge High
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