Snow Day Policy

  • In the event of a called “snow/no school day ” by the Superintendent 

    The Superintendent of Schools will be calling every family in the school district to announce school closings (computer generated message). If the school does not have your updated information, you might miss this important announcement. As always, the TV channels will announce school closings as they receive the information from us.

    Please note that Extended Day will be closed on called “no school/snow days”. There is no refund for these days as the school days equivalent to the number of snow days are added to the school calendar at the end of the school year and we provide child care on those days at no extra cost.

    Delayed Opening for Taft Kids Club

    • In the event of a delay, child care will  open at 7:00 a.m.
    • Only those who are registered with the Extended Day Program may attend.
    • A small fee is charged only to students who do not normally attend the AM care.

    Emergency Early Release

    If school is closed mid-day due to projected inclement weather, the school will call all the families in the system to let them know. Child Care will remain open to accommodate those parents that work far away and cannot make it home on time to meet the bus for early release. Please inform the school that on emergency release days, you want your child to go to the child care program. We will stay open until the last child is picked up, but on these days, we ask parents to make an effort to get to the program as soon as possible in order to get your child home safely. We will call all of the parents whose children are with us just in case they did not get the school message and we will ask that they come in as soon as possible. Please anticipate longer travel time and leave in time to pick up your child by the requested time.

    Extended Day Office Number: 508-278-8653, Ext. 3