The Uxbridge School Committee Budget Sub-Committee is currently working on the FY24 budget.  

    FY24 Proposed Budget 1-04-2023 - Rev.1-11-2023

    FY24 Preliminary Expense Budget 1-9-2023

    FY24 Preliminary Version 2 - 1-12-2023

    FY24 Public Hearing 1-18-2023

    FY24 Public Hearing Continued 2-1-2023 

    The Public Hearing will continue on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at the School Committee Meeting which meets at 6:00 pm at the Uxbridge High School Library. The meeting can also be accessed via zoom. Please click the link below.



    FY24 Budget Calendar


    FY24 Proposed Budget Goals

    1. Initiative 1.1:  High Expectations For All Students – The district will ensure that all students receive research-based, standards-aligned curriculum and instruction that is continuously reviewed and revised.

    2. Initiative 2.1:  Measured Accountability – Identify, collect and analyze a district-wide set of metrics to benchmark district goals encompassing student learning and growth, student well-being, and other strategic priorities to include improvement of Family & Community Engagement.

    1. Initiative 2.4:  Safe and Equitable Learning Spaces – Ensure that our buildings and grounds support strong instructional and extracurricular programs to meet all safety and wellness requirements.

    2. Initiative 3.2:  Health & Wellness of Staff & Students– The district will create and maintain an environment where all staff feel supported and ensure mental and physical well-being of staff and students.

    3. Initiative 3.4:  Data Informed Decision Making – Improve instructional, curricular, and assessment capacity of professionals using data effectively.

Uxbridge School Committee Approves $23,801,645 FY23 General Fund Request

  • The School Committee Budget Sub-committee held their last meeting of the FY23 budget cycle.  We thank Pat Tuer, D. Brett Pomeroy and Paul Paulino for serving on such an important sub-committee.  Their efforts partnering with those of the BOS & FinCom provided ownership and inclusiveness across the community.  

    The full School Committee subsequently voted 7-0 at their February 2nd meeting (yes, Groundhog Day) supporting a budget that reflects a .041% reduction of the superintendent’s original request.  The committee first increased the FY23 general fund request by $27,000.  This appropriation to our co-curricular programs eliminates gate receipts (admission charge) for regular season football and basketball games as well as school drama events. The goal of this amendment is to provide greater equity and inclusiveness across the Uxbridge community.  Next, the committee increased alternate funding sources by $94,000 utilizing circuit breaker, pre-school tuitions, school facility rentals and community school tuitions. 

    Bottom line: The Uxbridge Public School FY23 General Fund request is $23,801,645.  This represents a 2.70% or $626,379 increase over FY22.  Thank you to all who participated in the FY23 budget process.

    Please find the School Committee's FY23 Budget here.

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