Superintendent's Entry Plan

  • Superintendent's Entry Plan Progress Report

    March, 2019

     Purpose of the Entry Plan 

    Increases in students’ learning occur only as a consequence of improvements in the level of content, teachers’ knowledge and skill, and student engagement (City, Elmore, Fiarman, & Teitel, 2010)) A high functioning school system is successful because it creates the conditions necessary for this “instructional core” to thrive.   Therefore, all functions of the complex system that make up a school district need to focus on improving these three areas. It is also vital that the district’s leaders defend against activities that interfere with its accomplishment of this purpose. 

    In September, I presented the Uxbridge School Committee with an entry plan that I had developed to assist me in my transition into the role of Superintendent of Uxbridge Public Schools.   The purpose of this entry plan was to allow me to connect with stakeholders throughout the community to gain perspective on where our district has been, where it stands now, and where it should be moving toward.  It also afforded me the opportunity to gain an understanding of the extent to which the system is focused on improving the instructional core from the perspective of those most closely associated with it. 

    The timing of this entry plan was purposely designed to overlap with the beginning of our strategic planning process. This  allowed me to remain systematically focused on assessing the needs of our schools while also creating lasting relationships that serve as a foundation for collective planning and decision-making.  Currently, we are gathering and analyzing data for the strategic planning process. The information garnered from this exercise will contribute to our strategic planning as both enter the action planning phase.  Phase 3 of this plan will be encompassed by the strategic planning teams, to ensure that the map forward is a collective effort and not the whim of one person.

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