Our Programs

  • Uxbridge Extended Day services children in grades K-6. Developmentally appropriate activities are designed to introduce the children to the beauty and wonder of learning in a safe environment. Trained adult staff supervises homework, creative arts, indoor and outdoor recreation, and games. Examples of activities include creative drama, cooking, science experiments, sewing, organized sports and games, child-generated project-based activities. We have use of the cafeteria, gym, playground and quiet rooms for study.

    Our goal at Taft Kids Club and Whitin Extra is to teach through example and suggestion and to foster the development of inquisitive and creative thinking skills. Children are encouraged to make their own choices regarding their activities for the day. Computers, recyclables, housekeeping and building materials are always available for individual or quiet play. Particular emphasis is given to development of caring relationships and building positive character.


Contact Us

  • Call us at
    (508) 278-8653

    Taft Kid's Club
    Grades K-3

    Open at 6AM
    Closes at 6 PM

    Child/Staff Ratio:
    13-1 or less

    Site Coordinator: Laura Washburn