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  • Hi Kindergarten Friends!

    We have had some big changes to our school schedule.  Our school is temporarily closed. Temporarily means, for a little while.  While you are home with your family all of the Kindergarten teachers have been working very hard to plan some fun activities for you to do at home.

    Just because you are not at Taft, doesn’t mean that your brain needs to stop learning. We have a very important job for you over the next couple of weeks!!  We want you to show your adults how smart you all are and all that you have learned so far in Kindergarten. Keep practicing and learning all of the things that you already know.

    *Popcorn Words

    *Reading book you have at home

    *Math facts and counting

    *Write stories and draw pictures to match.  Don’t forget your kindergarten spelling and details!

    *Use your computer to find fun games to play ~ your adult will help you.

    Because we will be missing you, your teachers will be sending you emails or texts to make sure that we can still talk to each other.  Your adult can help you read those messages and maybe even help you write back to us.

    Don’t forget to go outside and play.  Spring is on Friday! Go out and see if you can find any signs of Spring.  

     Mr. Sherman, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Buckley, 

    Mrs. Riker, Mrs. Hazard, Mrs. Yordanopoulos

  • We have created a Remote Learning Page to provide a single point of entry to a menu of resources and activities to support students and families during the school closure.  The Remote Learning Page includes resources developed by our teacher teams that cover all grade levels and disciplines. All activities are optional and are designed to keep students engaged in learning while out of school.  

    The Remote Learning Page also includes resources provided by our related service providers.  These resources can be used by parents and guardians to support children during these times of change.

    To access the Remote Learning Page, click here.

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