• grade 2
  • Dear Families,

         Welcome to an exciting year as your child enters second grade. This will be another fantastic year that your child will have at Taft Early Learning Center! In second grade, your child will begin to apply foundational skills that they learned in kindergarten and first grade. It is also a year when they begin to develop independence and show great progress.

         As second grade teachers, we want all of our students to foster a love of learning and to build self-confidence. We celebrate each child’s success; big or small. It is our goal that all second graders at Taft Early Learning Center will develop a solid foundation of learning, preparing them for the year ahead.

         As in other early elementary years, a home-school partnership is extremely important in your child’s schooling. Making daily reading time and math facts practice a priority at home will help your child succeed. While reading, you can help by asking questions such as “Could you explain your favorite part of this book?”  “Did you like this book, why or why not?”

         We look forward to working with all students to help them become more independent, responsible, and ready to learn. You could help your child by reminding them of the following at home:

    • Completing homework which includes reading and practicing math facts (addition and subtraction)
    • Being prepared and responsible with school materials everyday
    • Bringing chromebook to and from home (charge nightly at home)
    • Bringing a water bottle and snack daily
    • Decide on a lunch choice prior to school arrival
    • Making sure to return Library books on Library day
    • Checking home school folder daily and keeping materials organized


    The Grade Two Teachers