• grade 2

    Dear Families, 

         Hello from the second grade team.  Our team has been communicating daily and would like to begin to share some information about the three week school closure.

         Most importantly, we hope you and your families are staying healthy.  This is a difficult and confusing time and we are committed to do all we can to make things easier for our students and their families.  Our responsibility as educators is to provide you with ways to have students continue active learning. We would like to offer our support in any way to accomplish this goal.

         A list of Remote Learning Opportunities can be found on the Uxbridge Schools website (uxbridgeschools.com). To access, find the student/families tab and click the remote learning link. Together we have carefully compiled a list of online resources to have second graders remain engaged in meaningful learning. The activities are also intended to promote students’ curiosity and passion for learning.  We are encouraging families to have students take advantage of these opportunities while at home.  

          We will soon be in direct contact with individual families to check in and share current information.  Please feel free to email us with any concerns or questions at any time. 

         We are all thinking of you and our students.  Be well.



                                                                                 Taft Second Grade Team

  • We have created a Remote Learning Page to provide a single point of entry to a menu of resources and activities to support students and families during the school closure.  The Remote Learning Page includes resources developed by our teacher teams that cover all grade levels and disciplines. All activities are optional and are designed to keep students engaged in learning while out of school.  

    The Remote Learning Page also includes resources provided by our student support services.  These resources can be used by parents and guardians to support children during these times of change.

    To access the Remote Learning Page, click here.

Grade 2 Team

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