• Grade 3

  • Dear Parents,

    We are reaching out to you to make sure everyone is healthy and to let you know that we are all thinking of you  during this crazy time.  

    Here are some links we thought would be a fun way of learning during the next three weeks. Please know that they are optional opportunities for your child to participate in.

    Individual teachers will be reaching out to their class to communicate the ways in which they will be keeping in touch. Please stay healthy and safe.


    The 3rd Grade Team

    Mrs. Buckley,  Mrs. Lukowski,  Mrs. Mannka,  

    Mrs. Michalewski,  Ms. Osterhaudt,  Ms. Scagnelli

  • We have created a Remote Learning Page to provide a single point of entry to a menu of resources and activities to support students and families during the school closure.  The Remote Learning Page includes resources developed by our teacher teams that cover all grade levels and disciplines. All activities are optional and are designed to keep students engaged in learning while out of school.  

    The Remote Learning Page also includes resources provided by our related service providers.  These resources can be used by parents and guardians to support children during these times of change.

    To access the Remote Learning Page, click here.

Third Grade Team

  • Mrs. Buckley
    Ms. Osterhoudt
    Ms. Labonte
    Ms. Scagnelli
    Mrs. Mannka
    Mrs. Michalewski