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  • Welcome to Kindergarten at Taft Early Learning Center!

    Kindergarten marks a very important transition for young learners.  It is a time for children to epand their love of learning, their ability to get along with others and to develop an interest in the wider world around them.

    Here in Uxbridge, this very important year promises to be filled with lots of learning, lots of discovery, and lots of fun.  Kindergarten staff wants every child to feel safe, cared about and excited when coming to school each day.

    We believe that it is important to foster independence and self-reliance in young learners.  For many young learners, kindergarten is a child's first experience in a large group setting.  As a result, their ability to perform simple self care tasks is very important to their sense of self confidence.

    Below is a list of suggestions that you can do at home to help your child succeed with their personal independence.

    We encourage our students to:

    - Be responsible for themselves and their personal belonging

    - Put on their own coats

    - Zip their own coats

    - Tie their own shoes, or if not, we encourage them to wear shoes with velcro

    - Bring snacks, lunches, and drinks in containers or bags they can open without help

    - Wearing clothes that can be fastened or unfastened without adult assistance

    - Be able to wipe/blow their nose with a tissue

    - Learn to cough into their elbow

    - Learn proper handwashing techniques

    - Attend to bathroom chores independently, especially wiping properly

    Some of these self-help skills are easy, while others require practice and patience.  We look forward to working as a team to help our students grow and learn.


    The Kindergarten Team