Special Education

  • Academic Support Center

    The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides assistance and guidance to students needing additional services at Uxbridge High School. The ASC is staffed with special education teachers and paraprofessionals who provide support services. With the implementation of inclusive practices at Uxbridge High School, students are able to receive many of their services and necessary accommodations directly in the classroom. Entrance criteria and exit criteria exist for students who receive services within the ASC. In addition, self-monitoring processes are in place as a means to connect how students meet standards and expectations as stated in the Uxbridge high School Mission Statement.

    Other services offered through the Academic Support Center include but are not limited to: individual and group guidance counseling services, vocational/job placement skill development, organizational skill and study skill development - in an inclusive classroom setting.


    Information about UHS special education programs can be found in the document linked here.

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