Foreign Languages

    The Uxbridge High School Foreign Language Department provides students the opportunities to learn to communicate with people of other cultures, develop a better understanding of others and themselves, and broaden their knowledge of the world. The opportunity for written and oral practice encourages creative and self-expression. The use of computer/multi-media technology connects students to a broader cultural learning experience.


    1. To help students develop and implement strategies that allow them to speak, read, write, and understand Spanish at the level appropriate to their grade and developmental stage as outlined in the Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum.
    2. To encourage student to compare their native language and culture to the Spanish language and culture in order to facilitate learning.
    3. To increase students’ awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures of the countries whose language they are learning.
    4. To integrate content from other academic disciplines in order to assist students in gaining and furthering their knowledge of the foreign language.
    5. To help students connect their classroom knowledge to real-life experiences.
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