• The Spartan Summer Academy will run over two weeks in August, with learning opportunities scheduled from 8-12 each day. We will be providing lunch, and we are working on transportation. As part of the camp, students will arrive and get a schedule for the day’s activities, much like summer camp, and be able to participate in a variety of skill developing workshops, including art and laser engraving, creative writing, history, math, anatomy, and a number of physical activities.

    This opportunity is free of charge and open to all UHS students, grades 8-12 (for the 2021-22 school year)!

    Mark your calendars for the week of August 16-19 and August 23-26!

  • Some possible activities running during the academy/camp are listed below:

    Stratomatic Baseball(Grades 8-12)-Both weeks Learn the history of baseball, learn some math (stats) and have some face to face social interaction with a little competition.

    Pickleball(Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    Students will learn the basic rules of Pickleball. Students will work in hand and eye coordination, physical activity, and team bonding. Learning how to be a team player, while also working hard to improve individually will teach students life skills
    Fitness(Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    Students will do a variety of physical activities, using the weight room and track, and learn how to exercise effectively and safely
    Portfolio Design and Branding(Grades 10-11)- Both weeks
    Are you thinking about going to school for Art or Design? Are you worried about coming up with a cohesive and well thought-out portfolio? Look no further! This Portfolio & Design course was made to help you take your artwork and create an online identity that will be sure to impress colleges and future employment opportunities! In this course you will: - Receive guidance on the structure of your portfolio - Work with an instructor with years of industry experience on creating an online brand identity for yourself as an artist and the artwork you create. - Identify art and design in the real world to inform decision making for. your portfolio/brand identity - Analysis and recognize college level portfolios and the requirements to apply for an art or design major. - Receive guidance in creating new art/design for your portfolio.
    Printmaking Explorations- Laser Cutters & Traditional Methods(Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    Students explore traditional linocut and woodcut printmaking techniques, and then applied their knowledge of those skills to the contemporary age. Using traditional carving techniques, and the Epilog Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine students will be able to create original works of art that encompassed traditional methods and contemporary 21st-century problem-solving skills.
    History Hits(Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    An interesting combination of historical debate and wiffleball. The first part of class covers and discusses interesting and relevant topics in history, leading to a debate later in the week. The second part of class will be creating teams and competing in a fun game of wiffleball.
    Creative Writing (Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    Students will learn about different creative writing genres and techniques and then put them into practice. Over the course of the week, they will create a portfolio showcasing their creative pieces. The seminar will emphasize the writing process and will involve group sharing. Work will be done to establish ground rules for sharing to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and supported.
    Anatomy Table (Grades 8-12)- Both weeks
    Students get to explore anatomy and physiology through the use of virtual autopsies
    Pre-calc prep-  Week of 23-26
    This course will review essential concepts from algebra and trigonometry to help ensure students are prepared for their precalculus course in the fall.
    Calc prep-  Week of 23-26
    This course will review essential concepts from algebra and pre-calculus to help ensure students are prepared for their precalculus course in the fall.
    Week of August 16-19:

    Culture Class

    You will explore several products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures.  We will travel the globe and through time to see different people and events.  I hope that your love of Spanish and cultural topics will grow and this will spur you on to want to continue your studies. The course will consist of clips from movies, quotes from literature, works of art, types of music, potential guest speakers, and other media. The class will be very exploratory and tailored to the needs of the students.  The class will be in English but will explore some related vocabulary words/phrases in Spanish.

    Organization 101

    Do you want to become more organized? This class will cover google drive organization, using a planner effectively, the practice of to-do lists, and strategies to help visual learners also set and achieve goals through visual organization techniques.

    Real Math

    Ever wonder how a real adult uses math in their everyday life? From budgeting a project, to planning a vacation, to buying a house or a car, tipping in a restaurant, etc. We will break down the math you probably will use most on a day-to-day basis as a functioning adult in society.

    Yoga for beginners

    We will work on some beginning yoga using guided video instruction and teacher-led help. There will be strategies to apply some yoga techniques to situations “off the mat” such as box breathing, meditation, and confronting challenging situations with mindfulness. Yoga-appropriate attire is encouraged and bringing your own mat is optional. 


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