• Student Activity and Advisors are listed below.

    NHS: Ms. Larkin

    Anime Club: Ms. Charpentier

    ESports: Mr. Barros and Mr. DeCoste

    Yearbook: Ms. Charpentier

    Fuel Up: Mr. Catalano

    Art Club: Ms. Munley

    SPACE (Pride): Ms. Henderson

    Book Club: Ms. Charpentier

    Spartones: Ms. Penza

    DECA: Mr. Guerra

    Science Olympiad: Mr. Lui

    Robotics Team: Mr. Lui

    Jazz and Pep Band: Ms. Penza

    Fishing Team: Mr. Balunas

    Student Council: Ms. Bernard

    Green Team: Ms. Struppa

    Fun Club: Ms. Stewart and Ms. Smutok

    Drama: Ms. Penza and Ms. Mangnall

    Unified Sports: Ms. Taglilatela

    Mending Spartan Minds: Ms. Tobin




    Class of 2023: Ms. Smith and Ms. Ritacco

    Class of 2024: Ms. Bernasconi and Ms. Daverio

    Class of 2025: Ms. Dzivasen and Ms. Bouchard

    Class of 2026: Ms. Henderson and Ms. Knauer

    Class of 2027: Ms. Demers and Ms. Ouellette