Student Parking

  • Students must park in areas designated for students. Students who park in other areas, including that designated for staff, or who drive in a manner that creates a public safety hazard will lose the privilege of driving to school and may be referred to the police. A vehicle parked at school is subject to search by school officials if there is a reasonable suspicion that the vehicle contains unauthorized, dangerous or illegal substances.

    Students are reminded to exercise caution when departing, particularly as buses and parent vehicles may be entering and exiting the campus concurrently. The building itself sits on a main road, and we do not want any of our students to have any mishaps on Quaker Highway!

    A student unable to comply with school attendance procedures regarding regular attendance and punctuality may result in said student losing the privilege of parking in the student parking lot for the remainder of the school year.

    All students must fill out the parking permit registration form, which can be obtained in the main office, and will receive a parking decal, which should be displayed on the rear windshield.

    If a student temporarily uses a different vehicle than that registered to the school, or obtains a different vehicle for use, s/he should notify the office to avoid any confusion.

Parking Permit Registration Form

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