Summer Reading 2020

  • This year for summer reading, students will earn 2 extra credit points added to a first quarter grade of their choice by doing the following 3 things:
    1. Read a book. There is a list of books recommended by the UHS community at, but you do not have to choose a book from this list! If you decide to read a book that is not on this list of recommended books, please submit this Google form to let us know what you plan to read this summer. 
    2. Complete ONE of the following activities:
      • Write a letter to a future reader about why you would or would not recommend your book.
      • Create fan art based on your book.
      • Identify 2 recent articles that tie into the topics or themes of your book.
      • Create a social media feed that represents a character or theme from your book.
    3. Submit your summer reading activity by Tuesday, September 15, 2020. The link where students can upload their work is at
    For full details about the summer reading activities, to view the list of books recommended by the UHS and Uxbridge community, and to submit summerreading activities, go to Information about the recommended books and the summer activities is also available in the attached packet
    Please reach out to Ms. Charpentier ( with any questions! Happy reading!

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