Welcome to the Earl D. Taft Early Learning Center

  • Welcome to Earl D. Taft Early Learning Center! Our building meets the needs of over 500 children from the Uxbridge community. It is our vision to prepare our students emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually to demonstrate respect, to be ready to learn, and to be responsible in an ever-changing world.

    Our staff is extremely dedicated and caring. They are committed to helping every child celebrate accomplishments and reach their full potential. We believe in fostering a love of learning and in designing opportunities for students to incorporate inquiry into their every day thinking. Our comprehensive approach to the teaching of reading insures that we meet the needs of diverse young learners. We continue to develop math literacy using the Math in Focus program. With help from the Taft PTO and the Uxbridge Educational Foundation, we have established a Science lab to insure that our students have opportunities to access the content in the newly adopted state Science standards.

    High educational expectations and safety for all students remain our top priorities. We will continue to reinforce social and academic skills as we focus on three core values: respect for all people and things, responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and coming to school ready to learn and doing our best each day.

    At the Earl D. Taft Early Learning Center, we know that children will be most successful if they are a part of a school community in which everyone works together as a team to promote a love of learning and has a commitment to education. We welcome your support as we continue to work together to enrich our school community and culture.



    Jennifer Bellville


    Earl D. Taft Early Learning Center

    16 Granite Street, Uxbridge, MA


    Fax: 508-278-8646