Uxbridge High School Earns Externship Grant

Uxbridge High School Earns Externship Grant


Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Frank Tiano, is pleased to announce that Uxbridge High School is the recipient of a grant, sponsored by the Executive Office of Education and the Governor’s office, to fund teacher externships in partnership with local industry.

This grant is designed to support currently designated Innovation Pathway program schools with the opportunity to offer a paid, STEM-focused teacher externship at a local employer site paired with the offer of one paid, STEM-focused student internship. Given the Commonwealth’s economy and its dependence on a workforce that is trained and skilled in all facets of STEM education, Innovation Pathways help meet the needs of the workforce while ensuring students are college and career ready. The initiative requires the engagement of more educators and students in engaging, hands-on, and relevant STEM experiences, and has been one of the hallmarks of the Workforce Skills Cabinet, which includes the Executive officers of Labor, Education, and Housing and Workforce Development.

“We are grateful for the continued commitment of our legislators, the Governor’s office, and the Secretary,” said Dr. Tiano. “They continue to offer us ways to reimagine education, to support our educators, and to merge the needs of our workforce with the vision of our school and the strategic plan of our entire district.”

UHS is one of only two schools in the Commonwealth to have earned Innovation Pathway distinctions in each of the past two years, and is one of only four schools in the state who offer multiple Pathways to its students, in Advanced Manufacturing/Engineering, Biomedical Science/Health Services, and Digital Media/Information Science. In addition, UHS Principal Michael Rubin recently presented on Innovation Pathways alongside the Assistant Secretary of Education and the Pathways team at the Massachusetts State Administrators Association summer conference, and the UHS administrative team will be presenting on their model on a national level in November.

“As we look to deepen learning for all our students, to make learning authentic for students across our district, and attempt to meet the needs of all our students, PK-22, we are fortunate to be in the forefront of the Innovation Pathways and Early College movement for the entire state,” Dr. Tiano added. “We look forward to seeing the ways all our students will benefit as we continue to enhance educator partnerships with industry in the region.”