Meet the Teacher Night

UHS will host Meet the Teacher/Back to School Night on Thursday, September 12. The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium with a presentation from administration. Following the presentation, parents will be dismissed to A-block class, and then will follow student schedules. Each class will have about ten minutes to share with you some background on the course, the curriculum, course expectations, and parent-teacher communications, including the use of Google Classroom, which is a content management system that helps parents and students stay on top of course materials.


Several student activities will also have tables available to share information, and there will be students around the building to help guide parents. Parents should bring a copy of the student schedule with them, particularly since we may not run off close to 600 pieces of paper! If you need assistance, your students can share with you a screenshot from their iPads.


Parents will follow the Day 1 schedule, meeting blocks A-F, followed by the G block class last, which is the first period of day 2 on the schedule grid rotation.


Our anticipated times are listed:

A: 6:35-6:45

B: 6:50-7:00

C: 7:05-7:15

D: 7:20-7:30

E: 7:35-7:45

F: 7:50-8:00

G: 8:05-8:15


We look forward to seeing many of you here on Thursday!