Boys Basketball: Important Update

Good morning, 


This is not a letter that we were hoping to send on the morning of our first practices. However, after consulting with the Uxbridge Board of Health, we are delaying the start of the boys basketball season by at least a week. This delay is due to an identified COVID-19 exposure and subsequent contact tracing.


As always, our goal remains to keep our student-athletes and broader school community safe. Given the information we have at this time, starting practices in an indoor contact sport like basketball would be counter to that goal.  While we continue our efforts to provide for a winter athletic season, we remind students and families that they are our partners in these efforts. While we realize it is all but impossible to cloister our students in protective bubbles, decisions made and actions taken  outside of school greatly impact our ability to have athletics.


In order for the rest of the season to proceed as planned, everyone shares responsibility for following the mitigation strategies and guidelines for reducing the spread of the coronavirus.  When we have even the slightest concern or ambiguity, we cannot justify putting our students and staff at risk.  


We know messages like this are disappointing and even aggravating. We also know that while many are doing their best to follow protocols  and communicate with us and the BOH to ensure safety for all, there are some who are not taking the appropriate precautions and not being  forthright when contacted by the Board of Health. Unless we all play by the same rules, delays such as this, or even cancellation of season, will be likely.


We hope to be able to start next week. In the meantime, please follow all recommendations by the Uxbridge Board of Health and Department of Public Health.




Michae D. Rubin, Principal

Chris Carbone, Athletic Director